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WATER Institute publications

The OAEC WATER Institute has written up the following guides to help citizens, landowners, agencies and decision makers implement useful techniques to restore and protect the watersheds we live in and include extensive resource lists. Many of these reports describe projects we designed and installed as part of our conservation hydrology demonstration site at OAEC.  Visit the WATER Institute website for many more free downloadable pdf guides for Do-It-Yourself water-saving projects. 

Basins of Relations booklet

Basins of Relations: A Citizen's Guide to Protecting and Restoring Our Watersheds 3rd edition, January 2018 by Brock Dolman and Kate Lundquist of the OAEC WATER Institute "Now and in the future, nothing...


Beaver in California booklet

Extensive research has recently heightened recognition of the important role beaver (Castor canadensis) can play in watershed health and climate change resiliency. The species’ ecological services include enhanced water storage,...